It’s my day and I can do what I want to.


Wanted to share my day with you.

My hubby and I built a pergola-type shade structure on our deck. I can’t wait to show you the pictures.  It was quite a job. Will tell you all about it as soon as I get the pictures ready.

Anyway, today I wanted to drape the cloth over the rafters, sew some new covers for my cushions and spread some bark. But most of all, I wanted to spend some quality time with God, uninterrupted in my new outdoor room. It is rare that I have a day like this. Usually there is something I need to do for my mom. Or a friend calls for help with something.

There were some calls today but I chose not to “bite”. There was a phone call toward the end of the day that seemed a bit chastising but I let that one go as well. Can I just say this felt really good and really freeing. It felt good to lay claim to a day just for me. Another step in my ongoing quest to live an authentic life. Hope you find this encouraging in case it’s as hard for you  to say no as it is for me.