welcome to my new home (blog)

Wanted to say welcome to my new blog.  I explained in my two other and now vacated blogs why. Hopefully you read the explanation at and/or

If not check here otherwise, briefly:

1. This just makes more sense.

2. I didn’t want “depressionsgift” to be maudlin and  limited in scope which it seemed to be.

3. It will be easier for me to track my posts and not inundate Facebook followers.

4. This has been a journey this last year and I was, more or less, getting my “blogging feet” wet.

5. The title of this  blog may need explaining. Rather than use the word “depression” I’m using the word “sigh” instead. I’ve never met a depressed person who doesn’t do a lot of sighing. It seemed a little better word because sometimes we sigh when we’re just “down” as well.  And I address those “down” days as well.

Reassurance: Nothing else has changed but my fancy new home. (It’s the only new home I’ve ever had, bty). I will not be changing the subject matter, the style, nothing. I will however, be re-decorating my new digs often because I bought the BIG 🙂 upgrade and I now have lots of options. I hope it doesn’t unnerve you but a girl has to do what a girl has to do to make her place “pretty’.

The menu will probably stay as it is but I’m sure I will be adding some more headings.

Anyway, a shout-out to all the wonderful people at WordPress Live Chat and those I’ve talked to via e-mail. You guys have been more than patient with me and so helpful. I even understood what you said. (Of course, you did have to explain it all as you would a three-year old.)

Hope you like my new home.