what comes around goes around

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God can really upset the apple cart, can’t he? As you know I am a Christian. I believe God directs me when I ask but that he also directs me even when I don’t ask. Today was such a day. I was supposed to take my mom to a movie. She hasn’t been out of the house much for months. As it turned out the movie was no longer playing. It was a beautiful day and with this change of plans, I was looking forward to working in my gardens. I shouldn’t say work, because it’s never work to me. But then my mother decided she wanted to go shopping. Still, I thought this won’t take long. She’s usually eager to come home after only a couple of hours. Not today. We were gone most of the afternoon.

She usually buys nothing. Today, she bought three new pairs of pants, three new tops and a pair of shoes. I was so glad she did. It was good to see her show an interest in life and be good to herself. But for the first hour or so, all I could think of was how much I wanted to be playing in my yard. I am ashamed to admit that. Ashamed to admit I begrudged her even a moment of my time. Why I’m letting all of you know this, I’ll never know. Except that maybe you’re feeling embarrassed about something you’ve done as well.

We shouldn’t though, should we? I mean I did the right thing. I just didn’t want to do┬áthe right thing, But the Bible says motives are important. I need to have some much needed quiet time with God as my feelings are all over the place. I’m glad I did what was right but I’m not happy my feelings took a while to catch up. I’m also glad God looks at me in love and lets me start all over. Now I need to extend that forgiveness to someone in my life.

Maybe that’s what today is all about. I need to remember I’m human. I don’t always get it right. I don’t have to be harder on myself than God is and he’s already forgiven me. There’s someone in my life I’m having hard angry feelings towards now. She’s human, too. Maybe if I let myself off the hook, I can let her off the hook as well.

I love the saying “What goes around, comes around.” It’s not always true but in the case of forgiveness, it is.