what ever happened to Thanksgiving?

Seriously. What ever happened? Are we such a selfish people that we can’t set aside one day to spend time with family and friends and be thankful for our blessings? And even if you can’t find a lot to be thankful for, the fact that you are living in this great United States should be reason to pause.

We can’t blame all the stores that are now opening on Thanksgiving day rather than the day after. After all, they’re just responding to what they think the consumers want.

Or are they?

We’re often told that the media, for example, is only giving us what we want. But I don’t want graphic sex, extreme violence, or foul language, and neither does anyone I know, whether they are younger or older. The same holds true for stores opening on Thanksgiving. I haven’t talked to one person that thinks it’s a good idea.

But the answer is so simple. Don’t shop on Thanksgiving. Don’t attend movies that don’t meet your standards and walk out of them when you are blind sided.

I’m just getting plain tired of others telling me what I need, think, or want. I’m tired of having to turn off a TV show because decency has vanished along with the actor’s clothes or where the language is so bad I seriously question the intelligence of the writers. Let’s face it, it takes little intelligence to use common, vulgar words. Quite the contrary. We really are getting dumb and dumber.

And now we are being led to be financially dumb as well. No, there will be no better deals on Thanksgiving day than there will be in the weeks that follow. I’ve watched the ads for years and except for a couple of “doorbuster” items (which there are never more than one or two in stock anyway), nothing is cheaper on Black Friday. Nothing will be cheaper on “Black Thursday” either.

I’m staying home on Thanksgiving. I’m enjoying my family and friends. I’m going to eat leftovers and read the ads for Black Friday. Yes, I do like Black Friday. Not because I ever buy anything but because it’s just fun to watch all the insane people who have been led to think they need, they really, really,  need, the latest and the best. Sometimes I get caught up in the insanity of it all but it’s never because an advertiser has convinced me of anything.

I’m a really hard sell.

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  1. Thanks ladies. Talked to my hair dresser yesterday and asked her what she thought about it. She said she was going shopping because the stores were open. She proved my point.

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