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What to do when you can’t do anything

Boy, do I feel for people who are “laid-up” for weeks and months on end.

A notice just came over my church’s prayer chain about an older woman in our church who has shattered her hip. Se  will be confined to bed for at least six weeks and has to lay very still. I can’t image.  I’ll definitely be remembering her in my prayers.

I had all these plans. I have my books, my computer, my NOOK, my drawing supplies.

Ask me how much of this I’ve done.

“Rebecca, how much have you done?”, you ask.

“Very little”, I reply.

I hadn’t planned on the pain killers. Taking them, that is. But the pain decided otherwise.

Of course, that should have made me very creative, right? I mean aren’t all artists kind of weird and didn’t a lot of them do drugs?

Apparently, I’m not one of those kinds of artists. I need all my faculties.

I have some quick, very rough sketches that I think are going to translate into some good pictures. Some watercolor, some acrylic, some maybe collage. This one will be watercolor.


This one might be acrylic.

future projects
future projects

Oops, this is my grandson’s. 🙂

grandson's art work
grandson’s art work

This one will be mixed media.


Then I have my books but my eyes are too weary to read them.


I have my DVD’s but I fall asleep.


So I lay here and let the healing take over.

“He makes me lie down in green pastures.” Psalm 23

God bless and have a good day.

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      1. Oops, you didn’t say you were an art therapist, but r you? Would you send me a link to this post. Would love to read it.

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