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When you don’t want to admit it

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Sometimes we just don’t want to admit to something.

We don’t want to admit to things sometimes. Haven’t you found that to be true in your own life? Putting words to it makes it too real, which is why we don’t want don’t say them out loud. As long as we let it remain hazy and use vague words, we can handle it. But get real with our words, and whoa! It’s right in our faces.

I’ve written a lot about the words we speak and the words we listen to. But I don’t think I’ve ever addressed the topic in this particular way.

power of words/not admitting to something

At times we need to process before we admit to something.

When my husband had a heart attack, I couldn’t say the words “heart attack” for a number of years. It made it all too real, and I needed some time to process it. Even now, many years later, I don’t really like to talk or even think about it. He came through fine and is healthier now than before, but it still brings bad memories I’d rather forget.

The Bible says life and death are in the tongue. This means what we say, the words we use have the ability to bring us happiness or despair. Sometimes one single word can strike terror.

When I was a teenager, someone I loved dearly used a word in anger, and when I hear the word now, many years later, my heart pounds, and I’m taken back to that day. I have never used the word myself. I know I never will.

anger/don't want to admit

My husband and I are facing two tough situations now. We are both fine. It concerns people we dearly love and situations we can do nothing about. It’s not that we’re refusing to face something; it’s that we’re taking our time doing it!

Admitting to something may require some time for us first

If you read the gospels carefully, you will find Jesus often took time for himself before tackling something. He, of course, knew what to do, but the principle is the same.

person standing on puddle/walking away before walking in

Sometimes we need to step away before we step in.

I’m a very practical, logical, face-the-facts kind of person. But this is one time I’m taking some time just for me. And I can. It’s not an issue that has to be confronted or dealt with right now. When the time comes, I will.

Have you ever wanted to avoid admitting to something?

Has there been a time when you knew deep inside you were avoiding something but avoided it anyway?

I’m never been one to stick my head in the sand, but this time I’m choosing to do exactly that. Choosing not to say the word means I can avoid the truth for a little while. It’s like that cookie you eat when no one is watching. It doesn’t count if no one sees you. Well, for me, these situations don’t have to exist until I give them words.

As long as we admit to ourselves we’re avoiding something, it’s OK for a period of time. As long as we’re honest with God.

Jesus avoided, too.

Jesus avoided people and situations at times because he needed some time alone with his father. Sometimes, he avoided due to danger, and sometimes he avoided because the timing was wrong.

He chose not to comfort Mary and Martha for three days after their brother died. People have all kinds of explanations for that, but I wonder if Jesus just wasn’t ready to face his friend’s death right then. Wasn’t ready to say the word “died.” It’s a thought. Remember, Jesus was as completely human as he was holy.

Some people will say that Jesus knew right along he was going to raise Lazarus from the dead. In my study of that particular incident, I don’t see any evidence of that.

I don’t mean to be vague, and no, I’m not facing a terminal illness. I will share what I can in the future.

All I want to do today is encourage you that if you’re facing something you just can’t discuss, take as much time as you can to process and PRAY about it. Almost everything can be put off for just a little while.

time for me

God bless, and have a good day.

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