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Which way do winds of happiness blow?

Table of Contents

  1. The winds of happiness
  2. Happy days.
  3. We are all connected.

The winds of happiness

How do the winds of happiness blow in your life? And they do, don’t they? Some days happiness blows over us and all is right. Other days we suffer a draught of happiness because of something we call “life.”

We need to record our good days somehow so we have something to ground us on the bad days. That’s why I journal. It’s so easy to think we’ve had a number of bad days, when maybe it’s only been a few.

Happy days.

Tonight my hubby and I are bringing dinner to our son and his family, who live just a few blocks away. Because their lives are so hectic, this gives us all a chance to enjoy each other’s company. I’ve already baked the pork roast and pulled the meat for the BBQs. I’ll bake brownies when I get home. I’m kind of loving this day, but I’m a smart woman. I haven’t successfully beat depression these past nine years without learning a few things.

One of those few things I’ve learned is to be grateful for days like this, to savor the moments, and to be very aware that a perfect, happy day can become an imperfect unhappy one in a heartbeat.  It happens all the time.  How often have we heard people say, “everything changed in a heartbeat.” The diagnosis. The accident. The job loss. The death.

We are all connected.

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Consequently, happiness is appreciated even more when we take a moment to realize that others have had days just like this and then everything changed with a phone call. If that’s you today, please know that there’s someone in Michigan who really does care. We are all connected. Maybe that’s why today I feel the tiniest bit on high alert like maybe God is telling me that someone is having a really hard time right now. So before I go to lunch, I’m stopping to pray for you.

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We are connected, like the dots in an infinity of circles.

That were we to try and find the beginning or the end, it would take eternity.

Like a ball of yarn that has been so matted, there are no individual stands, we are tangled up in each other’s lives.

We are like individual coffee beans, once ground and added to water, we are infused together.

We are separate and yet one.

God sees us as as seperate. God sees us as one.

We are connected.

God bless, and have a good day.