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Time Stands Still

I often want to freeze time. Keep my little ones they age they are now. So innocent. Explorative. But tonight was one of those nights where I wanted to “freeze this moment a little bit longer;
make each sensation a little bit stronger.”*

It was a perfect June night. Sunny and in the low 70s with a slight breeze. A small downtown park had a children’s musical group playing in the pavilion. My one-year old is bouncing to the music, clapping, and looking utterly adorable as he grooves to the music.

My three-year old then asks, “Mommy, will you dance with me?” My husband watches our youngest while my eldest and I move closer to the band and dance in an open sunny area.

He takes my hand and we spin. He leads. His smile extends from ear to ear. His bright blue eyes gleam with pure joy. The sunlight kisses his wispy blond hair. We spin to the point of dizziness then drop. He belly laughs. I belly laugh. We get up, hold hands, and hop and down to the calypso beat. I pick him up and hold him on my hip. We sway back and forth. He starts running around me in circles. I encase him in my arms for a giant bear hug and a tickle monster visit. His smile never dissipates.

And my heart is overflowing with joy. I know there will be a time when the thought of dancing with his mother in a park surrounded by people will be considered uncool. That dancing and not caring what others think will not be the norm. But for now, we dance without a worry. We dance without a care. We dance with enthusiasm. I savor the moment. I enjoy that just for this moment time stands still.

• Text in quotes from the song “Time Stands Still” by rush.

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