art I like and why

No matter where I am, I’m always looking for possible art to copy.  If I’m anywhere there is a painting you can count on the fact, I’m examining it closely. Sometimes I take pictures of them such as this last week. I can’t remember in which store I found them but I really like these. (When I say copy, I mean strictly for my own amusement, never to sell.)


I love all the design elements in this elephant picture. I always tell myself I’m going to paint a picture like this but have yet to do so. Maybe by posting this, it will mean I will see it through.

art, trees
art, trees

I like art where you can tell what the painting is but it doesn’t look like a photograph. I also like trees and have  painted a couple of pictures of trees myself with two in progress.

I think I like trees because there’s no such thing as painting a tree wrong. If you pay attention to trees you will notice that, like snowflakes, there are no two identical ones. Therefore, there is no way to paint one wrong. The more misshapen they are, the more beautiful they are to me.

art, bird collage
art, bird collage

I like birds. I’m not a bird watcher but I like bird sculptures and bird figurines. As far as art mediums go, I love collage which is how this bird picture is basically constructed, although there is paint as well. I think I love collage so much because I love paper. My Pinterest board, “paper projects” is probably my biggest board.

I particularly like to create collages with paper of my own design. Lots of time when I’m cleaning up after a painting project I will take paper or paper towel, and lay it paper down flat on top of the leftover paint and pat the paper, changing paper position often. I save these sheets for future collage. I also save wrapping paper, etc. Should I add, my family thinks I’m a little wierd?

I’ll probably die with hoards of paper and when people come to my “estate sale”, they will say, (as I have), “That was one eccentric person.” Hey, most of us “artsy fartsy” people have DNA that compels us to be strange. It’s not our fault.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this art with you. Gives you a better idea of who I am.

Are any of you out there artists? Or are there some of you that want to be? In case you didn’t know it, the Great Masters copied other paintings all the time. That’s how they learned.  It is a most acceptable way to learn to paint. It’s even ok to trace a picture until you learn to draw your own picture.

I hope you’ll give it a try if it’s something you’ve always wanted to do.

Here’ a couple of my own paintings.

daisies/original art
daisies/original art/watercikir


horizon/original art
horizon/original art/wallboard compound/ink/artist trading card