picture of ice formations on fallen trees/belief in God

Beautiful icescapes on the beach. Now you can see it,too.

Yesterday we saw a beautiful icescapes on the beach. Now you can see it, too. We couldn’t believe the ice sculptures.

It had been a long two days. We stayed inside and didn’t see anyone. Christmas was fine though. My husband and I are great friends and never tire of each other. For us, the pandemic has not been a problem. Sure, like all of you, we miss family and friends greatly but figure if this the worse we ever go through, we will have been fortunate. Of course, we realize this has been incredibly difficult for many and we never forget that.

I love this one.

These photos have not been edited as far as with any kind of a paint program, just my i-phone. An old one I might add.

Just like we all have “shades” under the surface, so did these sculptures. It isn’t until you adjust the colors that you can see them. We, too, have much hidden under the surface. But God sees through our icy exteriors and see’s the warm underneath.

This one looks like a centipede.

Just look at this ice. How can anyone not believe in God. Right? I mean God’s majesty was on full display.

It’s easy to forget God is in charge when all we read about is anything but. Maybe we need a newspaper whose headlines read, “Read All About It: God’s Majesty on full display.” Inside would be countless true stories from of people who just witnessed God’s full creative power.

Worship His Majesty was a wonderful song from a about ten years ago. You can find it here.

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