Why is blogging so frustrating

I hope I’m not the only frustrated blogger out there. I know I’m one of the most technically challenged.

I’ve been playing around with Pic Monkey and trying to come up with some cool headers using more than one photograph. Thanks goodness I bought the upgrade upgrade again this year as I need all the WordPress support I can get.

Oh, I did I tell you I did it?

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I’m so envious of the beautiful pictures on some of the blogs but I know my limitations. I’m not about to go out and buy an expensive camera. Besides, DIY projects are only one part of my blog. I have to remember that.

Note to self, “Remember that, remember that, remember that!”

Remember that
Remember that

I write a lot about mental health issues, especially depression. It was my nemesis for years and this blog is meant to share what I’ve learned along the way in the hopes it will help others. My education and my work experience as a Hospital Chaplain, have well-equipped me to write about the subject.

My blog is also about faith issues. I’ve taught Bible classes, led Bible studies, and facilitated retreats. Again, well-equipped.

 my prayer chair
my prayer chair

But none of my background, education, and training qualifies me for the technical side of blogging. I’ll bet if I could learn CSS my stats would be over the top!  Right?

Actually, I’m not so sure about that. I mean I wax eloquent 🙂 and what gets mega hits? The one called, “love message in the snow”. It was short. I didn’t spend much time on it so why the big hit? So what’s that all about? And that frustrates me the most.

I think though that’s why I like blogging so much. It taxes me beyond my comfort zone. I like that. I must or I wouldn’t keep doing it, right?

And by the way, this post will be followed immediately by another one. You’ll see why. 🙂

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