art is more than just talent


 art is more than just talent


I love art. Love looking at it, love making it. I wouldn’t call myself an artist although others might. I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve been to the Louvre in Paris a few times. The Musee de Orsay is wonderful, too. I actually like de Orsay better as it is strictly pictures. Plus, one can get through it in a day. The Louvre-not likely.

My preferences have definitely evolved over the years. I used to think a painting should look real. Now I prefer representational art-art where I can identify the objects but not as in a photograph. I also appreciate photography more than I used to.

I look at a painting and because   I love trying to figure out the process the artist used. I love trying to analyze the great “unmuddied” colors as I end up with  dull and uninteresting colors way too often.

Once you have dappled in art yourself, you appreciate the talent and work that great art requires. When I’m complemented myself, I always say that it’s not that I’m particularly talented, I just have worked hard at it. I guess that’s the one thing I wish everybody understood. That the creative process is work. Anyone who’s ever produced a quality piece of art would agree.

So the next time you view a great piece of art, remember that these artists have paid their dues. That wonderful painting you’re viewing took a lot longer than you think. Give artists the credit they deserve for their hard work as well as their talent.