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This is easy for me. I chose my husband. I’m sure there are many women who share my sentiment about their own husbands. But this is my blog so I guess I can honor whomever I choose. Right? 🙂 Not only has he stood by me through my episodes of depression; he never criticized or judged me. He always understood and picked up the slack until I started to feel better.

He’s worked since he’s been about ten.I’m serious.His mother insisted he attend a private religious school but also told him he would have to pay for it. Ever try to get a job at ten? So he mowed lawns in the summer and shoveled them in the winter. He left his parent’s religion in his heart early on even though he didn’t physically abandon it until he left home. He didn’t give up on faith, only this particular one.

He completed his Bachelor and Master’s degree even though he was told that people from “their side of the tracks” didn’t go on to college. He has been successful in his career even though he did fall victim to a “down-sizing”. At that point he took a job for one-third what he’d been earning because he felt he had to support his family. God blessed that decision and that job turned out to be the job that took him to all parts of the world.I was privileged to tag along a couple of times each year because of his frequent flyer miles.

He’s had a number of health problems but he has never,ever,let it get him down.

He’s been an amazing father and grandfather. He’s never more appealing to me than when he’s playing with his grandchildren. Our two-year old grandson was born with Down syndrome. He and my husband have a very special relationship. It’s beautiful to see and I’ve captured those moments often on my camera.

Being married to him has been God’s greatest blessing to me. Not only is he the love of my life, he is the most-level headed person I know. When I’m in a quandary about anything, he is there to give me the advice I need. I’ve often hear God speak through him. 

He reads all my posts. This is for you,honey. If I could declare it to the world, I would.

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  1. What a beautiful post- God’s blessings on you both!  I’m honored to call you kin 🙂


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