Decorating is a great distraction for anxiety

Distraction for anxiety

Distraction to combat anxiety is a great coping tool. However, I don’t mean ignoring our thoughts. I mean using physical movement as a distraction. Today I thought I would show you the same pieces from yesterday but with different vignettes.

This is the hutch decorated for Christmas a few years ago. It was probably the most minimalist approach I’ve ever used.

a dining room hutch/distraction  for anxiety

The picture below on the left shows my approach using white vases. I changed to the houses in the second picture. The “Let It Snow” blocks in the previous picture are the same blocks you see below that say “God Is Good.” I turned the blocks around, painted them white, and added stickers to spell the words.

This next piece is the same hutch I showed you yesterday but decorated differently. You might find this post interesting about how I made the decision to paint the hutch.

Decorating and anxiety

These next two pictures are the same white piece I showed you yesterday. I can’t tell you how many times I changed the look of this particular piece. As stated yesterday, rearranging things clears my mind and helps me think and sometimes even pray.

picture of a sideboard/distraction  for anxiety
picture of a sideboard/distraction  for anxiety

Yes, I find that sometimes I do my best praying within putzing around with decorating. I think Jesus might have even done the same thing when he worked with his hands carving stone. Or maybe when he was taking a walk.

We see pictures of Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane, and we think that’s the only way He ever prayed. That just doesn’t fit in my thinking. It seems to me that seeing as Jesus was fully divine and fully human, there is every reason to think He did.

How about you? Do you pray at odd times? I’d love to know.

God bless, and have a great day.