demoltion is good for the soul

Today I ripped up an insane amount of ceramic tile.  As you know, my home is over one hundred years old. It has an unusual floor design in the living room.  There was like this wide tile path that ran through the middle of the living room. Carpet was on either side.  It was designed this way so that wood could be brought to the fireplace without getting the carpet dirty. It was really kind of cool but we knew there was a hardwood floor underneath so we decided it was time to expose them.  Which meant taking up the tiles.  Lots and lots of them.

And guess who did it all by herself?  You guessed it, me.  My husband was on a fishing trip for the week-end and I am stressed to the max. So I decided I needed to do a little demolition. I loved ripping up the tiles till I got to the concrete in front of the fireplace.  Oops.  Wonder what we’ll do with that.

It was very therapeutic. (We still have the glue stuff to get up and that’s going to be more difficult but we have one week to get it done.)

What is there about demolition most of us enjoy? I think I have an answer.  I think it’s a way to get even without really getting even if you know what I mean. It’s a way to safely vent our anger at the injustices of life we all experience on occasion.

Of course, we can also demolish people.  An ill timed word can destroy a friendship.  A lingering glance can destroy a marriage.  A quick look at a text while we’re driving can destroy a life. Some of these scenarios can be redeemed, some cannot.

So the next time you need to vent, find some tile to rip up.  It really helps.

p.s. Guess what? It wasn’t concrete in front of the fireplace.  It looks like it might be some old stone.  Does it get any better than that?  Now if I could only find about a million dollars under the three or four boards that have to be replaced. As soon as I download my pictures, I’ll show you the floor.