decorating our homes

Take a tour with me and know me better.

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Take a tour with me today. Many of you haven’t visited my home. Plus, I’ve changed things a lot since the last time I posted any pictures.

Know a person best when you’ve been to their home.

I’ve always thought you can’t really know a person until you visit them and see their home. Our homes are a big reflection of who we are. So I hope you will enjoy touring my living room.

My farmhouse home is about 120 years old and we’ve lived here for 35 years. While it’s in the middle of a suburban neighborhood, it doesn’t seem that way. Our home once sat in the middle of a large orchard and when the land was sold off, the owners kept about 1/12 acres around the house. So while I do indeed have neighbors, it is completely private. It seems to sit on a hill but that’s only because the road in front of the house dips down and thus our driveway goes uphill, which is great fun in the winter.

We have torn down ceilings and walls in every room in this house and closed up doors and added doors. (Don’t ask.)

The kitchen which I will show you tomorrow has undergone more changes than any room in the house.

Fan of neutral in my house

I decorate in neutrals with a lot of black and white. That way I can add any color I choose. Which, if you look closely at the pillows on the sofas, you can see I’m in the process of doing that now. I am adding blues and yellow/greens for the summer so am recovering my current pillows which I do all the time.

The beautiful wood floors were hidden under tile and carpeting, which one brave day I pulled up a corner of the carpet with my friend, and we discovered the floors. It was quite a job getting the carpet and tiles up but we did and then we had the floors stripped and sealed with urethane. It was one of those projects, I’d wished we’d done years prior.

I am constantly repurposing, changing accessories, etc. (You can see the transformation on the secretary here.) My very favorite pieces are those I make my own like small tables. Plus, I feel closer to God when I’m creating anything.

I decorate by keeping in mind the term “vignette”. Because I am an artist, composition means everything. I often take pictures after rearranging something and ask myself, “Would I paint a picture of this grouping?” If I would, that means I did it right.

This next group of pictures shows various such vignettes around the room. As I look at them myself, I see some changes to be made.

Having a nice home is OK WITH GOD

I think God is pleased when he sees us using the creativity he has placed in each of us and I wish more people knew how creative they were because everyone is, in some way.

And a great way to manage one’s moods is through distraction. For me, decorating accomplishes that.

I hope you enjoyed touring my living room. Oh, and here’s my Christmas bedroom if you want to take a peek. This is the only room in the house that has remained mostly the same.

God bless and have a creative day.