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Depression has a big price. Quit paying

The following is an excerpt from a chapter in my book “Depression Has a Big Voice. Makes Yours Bigger! The day’s title is Depression Always Has a Price.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am following Christ’s journey during this Holy Week. A LOT happens on this evening of the fifth day. During Passover, Jesus tells two disciples they are going to betray him. Judas had already begun but he undoubtedly was surprised to be called out by Jesus. Peter, in his arrogance, didn’t believe it.

Depression has a price and Peter and Judas paid very different prices. As you will read, this is only my theory but I think you will agree it makes a lot of sense. Certainly, both Peter and Judas experienced severe depression over their choices. With Judas, I think he was always hovering on the brink of depression. Peter was flung there immediately after his denial.

In the Gospels, we read about Peter and Judas. Both betrayed Jesus, but only one killed himself. The following is only my theory, but I think you will get my logic. Peter was like that person we all know who is rambunctious and loud but endearing at the same time. Know what I mean? I get the sense he drew people to him. But Judas? I see him as a loner.

After Peter betrayed Jesus, I think he might have gone to the other disciples and told them what he had done. They probably chastised him, but because they had come to expect his brash behavior (the disciples still didn’t believe that Jesus would die anyway), they overlooked it. What Peter did was horrific, but he and the disciples probably did not see it as a permanent mistake. I’m thinking Peter probably felt some sense of relief after talking with them.

Not so with Judas. Judas. While he did try to give back his dirty money but was told, “Too late.” I believe Judas, probably always skirting depression anyway, now experienced its hallmark symptoms, helplessness and hopelessness. Without someone to talk to, going back to my theory that he was probably a loner, he felt lost. He took the only action he could think of.

Two different men. Two different betrayals. Two very big sins. One survived and went on to become a pillar of the New Testament church; the other hung himself. Judas’s legacy? The world would always remember him as a traitor, his name always spoken with contempt.

human standing beside crucifix statue on mountain

Depression robs us of so much. Don’t let it rob you of this Easter season. Christ came for your deliverance. He died and rose again so you could experience life to its fullest.

Have a blessed Easter and claim the victory that is yours.

What price are you paying for your depression?

Wouldn’t you like to pay less?

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