Great, fall craft ideas you have to try

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Great fall craft ideas

Here’s some great craft ideas if you want to make some cheap and easy fall “thingees”. Usually I don’t do much for fall except to put out what I already have. Three years ago I made so many fabric pumpkins, I gave away many of them. So no new pumpkins this year. Then I made a mistake of going on u-tube to see what crafters were doing with products from Dollar Tree. After a number of trips to the Dollar Tree, which isn’t cheap anymore, I began crafting.

Here’s some of the things I came up. I’m not providing tutorials because I think it’s all pretty self-explanatory just from the pictures. I will add though that some of the painting techniques are probably unique to me which means there would be no way to explain them. Let’s just say I love adding layers of colors. Also, I often put three or four colors in a container and pick up paint with my brush, very willy nilly, so keep that in mind.

Simple is best

This little arrangement might be my favorite. I spray painted a soup can, add DT leaf foliage on a DT tray. We had just bought some pears, so it was perfect. My husband as eaten all the pears so now I have to get more because the pears just made it.

You will see the “r” on fever isn’t showing up on the picture below. I meant to fix it and forgot all about it and gave it to my neighbor like that. I had distressed it a little too much so I told her to use an orange marker and finish the “r” but she laughed and said she liked it the way it was. Guess she’s into imperfect so that’s good.

The darkened edges around the words are made by carefully burning the paper. And I do mean, carefully.

Pumpkins and beyond

To trace the paper for the pumpkins, place the paper on top of the section you choose and rub you finger all over it and it will make a crease. Cut inside the creased line and it will fit. Warning. Be sure to have your paper with right side facing you. Believe it or not, you will not be able to use the one you’ve cut out on the other side, in case you make a mistake.

As I said earlier, the painting on the leaf was done by taking a brush and gathering up at random, yellow, red, green, and brown paint. Each time I did it I would gather the paint differently. I did not brush over the paint again as that would have blended the colors and they wouldn’t have been distinct. So, it’s one and done.

The leather “blessed” was taken off and redone so no glue showed up but I didn’t take a picture of the cleaned-up one. Needless to say, it was much better. The blue car pumpkin background is some “pleather” I had laying around.

I hope to get to you tomorrow with some fall decorating but we are having some remodeling done and you know how that is. Right?

Anyway, have a great day and God bless.