What a difference a week makes

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Hidden Lake

Last week was full of anxiety. Lots of reasons. Once again God was faithful. I kept putting one foot in front of the other while God directed me to the right path.  I did what I have learned is the right strategy for me when I’m feeling anxious, and God supplied the strength to do it.

So many times we expect we can go to God with our struggles and He will zap them away like a fairy Godmother or a magician. And I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen on occasion. But almost always, we are an integral part of God’s answers to our prayers. God seldom swoops down and rescues without something being required of us in the process. It’s not that God needs our help as much as it is that it is better for us down the road to have learned some things we can do for ourselves.  As a general rule, God works in tandem with people.

Remember the man at the Bethsaida pool? He was crippled and had been for thirty-eight years!  Jesus took pity on him and told him to get up, pick up his pallet and walk.  Jesus didn’t pick him up and carry him to the pool. He didn’t find a bunch of men to carry him to the pool. He didn’t rig up some sort of device to drag him down there. He basically said that if the man would believe and do his part, he would be healed.  It is to the man’s credit that he recognized Jesus had that kind of power. It is also to his credit that he got up and walked.

You see the healing was never in the pool, not really. I would dare say the people who were healed were healed because they thought they would be.  And it was when the waters moved that the healing power was somehow present in the pool. This story is about how healing came to a person when that person moved.

Movement is healing in so many ways. We get distracted and one activity leads to another. We find ourselves becoming engaged in something other than ourselves.

Healing often begins with movement. Why do you think patients are made to get up very soon after surgery these days? It’s because the medical profession has learned that movement aids in the healing process.

So no matter where you are today in your struggles, get up and walk.  God will do the rest. (I’m well aware that some cannot walk but for those people, there are all kinds of ways to move our bodies. And if we can’t even do that, we can “walk” metaphorically by engaging our minds in constructive ways.)

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

4 thoughts on “What a difference a week makes”

      1. I’m doing well. I have good days and bad days. I think a lot of changes are happening in my life and I’m not certain what’s next so that automatically makes me stress out but I’ve been trying my best to not let stress and anxiety get to me too much and whatever happens happens. So I can’t complain it could always be worse right?

        1. Right! Yea, me too. Lots of changing and health concerns for my husband. Pluys I’m primary caregiver for my mother. She’s great but I feel like I’m living two lives. I saw a quick “blurp” on GMA this morning about women and depression and the strong link to certain foods. I’m going to check it out today. If you go to, I think you’ll find it.

          Have a good one and feel better.

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