Home from ski week


Some pictures from condo. More to follow. This is part of living room.


Kitchen area. Light coming in window made taking picture difficult. Notice the red antique chair on the left. Two people could sit on it.


Skis were hung on walls in just about every room. Antique, children’s skis, etc.


One of main bedrooms.


Hallway going off living room down to another bedroom on the left and on the right a bedroom with four bunk beds. At end of hallway to the right is the mudroom for ski equipment and then above that is a loft with two beds.  None of these pictures do this place justice.


This rack would be so easy to make. It was about four feet long and in the featured bedroom.

Home from ski week

O.K. Can I just say it? And would you please not judge me? Why do good experiences have to be tainted? You know what I mean. The fact that even when we’re enjoying ourselves, we know there is that parallel not-so-good thing going on in another part of our life. Really. Why can’t everything just be ok on all fronts for a while?  Is that really too much to ask?

I guess I’m asking you, God.

Our ski week was going so well. I really didn’t want to hear anything that could get me in a tailspin. Not this week. But no such luck. Don’t people realize that vacation is supposed to be about “vacating”? Doesn’t that mean that I get to mentally “vacate” the problems awaiting me at home?

I wanted to be free of even thinking about some people and some circumstances.  Not because I don’t love them fiercely but precisely because I do. I want to be able to continue to be there for them however I can but that means I need respite at well. 

I know. I know. I sound self-centered and selfish and a part of me is ashamed of my attitude.  Another part of me says, “Hey, wait a minute. I do feel this way and there’s nothing right or wrong about a feeling.  It’s just a feeling. A feeling I need to admit so it doesn’t burrow underground and cause me trouble later on.” (It took me a long time to figure that out and I’m not taking any steps backward now. Smiley face here.)

In earlier posts, I have stressed the importance of facing reality if one is going to manage depression. One of the ways we face reality if never to deny how we’re feeling. (Notice, I didn’t say that we should always express these feelings, especially the negative or troublesome ones. They need to edited first. In my case, that means I have to talk to God first.)

Maybe we should have a little poll.

But I was able to put aside the troubling news and immediately refocus on the current experience. The week was still wonderful. Probably because the upsetting text was at the end of the week. I’m grateful for that small favor.