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How do we really think about heavenly things?

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(Sorry this is so late. Our irrigation system acted up. But I want you to know I was able to direct my thoughts to the heavenly things. I did that by praising God for an opportunity to trust him and grow my patience. Not sure about the patience part.)

How do we really think about heavenly things?

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Yesterday, I wrote that one of the ways we divert our thinking when we experience a sudden mood drop is by redirecting our thoughts. And then today I was reading Colossians, chapter two, where it states we should think about heavenly things.

So that got me thinking. I thought about what I wrote yesterday and realized it was nebulous, meaning exactly what does thinking about things that are pure, lovely, etc., and heavenly look like?

How does one do it?

This post is simply me trying to understand it all myself, wondering, if I can explain it or not. Then I changed course.

I decided instead to experience it instead in real-time and let you in on it. So, here goes:

My attempt at heavenly thinking.

“As I sit here a misguided bumblebee is trying to pollinate a fake flower garland I have on my deck. God created that confused bumblebee.

A silly squirrel has wandered on the deck very close to me and has some sort of huge something in its mouth. He is funny as he tries to keep the weird thing in his mouth. He suddenly sees me and takes off. God created that squirrel.

The wind is gentle today. God made the wind.

Looking back to the morning

I remember something. My husband and I walked this morning and we walked by a wetland area near our house. The sounds emanating from the swampy area sounded like a really loud orchestra. The frogs shouted their mating cries for all the eager females around to hear. The ducks quacked their messages, too. The birds tweeted as though they were in an orchestra, each singing its tune to perfection. The swamp is alive with sound and wonder. God created every bit of it.

As I walked with my husband, I loved him even more, after all these years together. God is the source of that love. God created him and blessed our commitment to each other.

Coming back to the moment.

As I come back to this moment, my mind wanders to politics. How am I going to translate that into some heavenly thinking? I think about those whose views I ardently disagree with.

But God created them, too. So, I stop for a minute and ask God to give me a kinder, less judgemental heart. Oh, yea, God does that, too.

I look around my deck and see the furniture, and the accessories, none of them made by God, and while I appreciate it all, I would just as soon be sitting by a riverbank, listening to the gurgling river. My imagination soars. God did that.

A plane flies overhead and I think of those on board, their lives, their stories, and I ask God to keep them safe. Only God can do that.”

Heavenly thinking leads back to God

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I have no idea if this is what is meant by thinking about pure, lovely, etc., and heavenly things. But it seems to me it’s kind of like connecting everything we see, hear, and experience, back to God.

I’m going to keep aware of this and try this throughout the week. I”ll let you know how it goes. I would love to hear how you think about heavenly things. Or what you think about thinking about heavenly things.

adorable prairie dog near hole on sunny day/heavenly thinking

I didn’t edit this post at all. I wanted you to be a part of my experience.

God bless and have a good day.