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How God really surprised me last week.

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God can really surprise us sometimes. He surprised me last week.

I’m supposed to by posting today from my book; Depression Has a Big Voice. Make Yours Bigger! but I had to tell you this funny story.


I hope by the time you read this, my newest book will be done. No, I can’t reveal the name until I submit it online. I mean I could. But I’m told it’s better if I don’t because of possible plagiarism. I am excited about the title. It’s very different.

The backstory

Anyway, I was in the process of using my online editor app, and there were about 2,000 “suggestions.” Mostly because I use an adjective as a noun throughout the book. I couldn’t figure out to ignore them all at once. You’ll understand when you read the title. But there were some other suggestions as well, and I was tediously going through each of them.

My husband asked me if I needed an iced latte from Tim Horton’s and why don’t I go with him. So, I saved my document and went with him. Boy, I needed it. It was great.

When we returned, I sat down to resume my work, and you know what I’m going to say, don’t you? I couldn’t find the saved document anywhere, but I knew I had saved it. I save even before I answer a phone call. I’m almost paranoid about it anymore. But it wasn’t there! I had spent days editing.


rewrite edit text on a typewriter/God realized surprise me last week.

In the past, I would panic and have an anxiety attack. But I learned these last two years of book writing that if something goes wrong, it will, especially if a computer is involved. So, I took a deep breath and offered a prayer of thanks that if I had to start at ground zero and repeat all my work, I wouldn’t panic and just do it.

(I must admit, I was a little panicky because I had spent hours sitting at the computer and was tired and bleary-eyed.)

I walked away, prepared dinner, took a walk, etc., and it was about 8:00, and hubby and I were going to continue a TV series we started. Later, I got a snack from the kitchen and thought, “Maybe I’ll try to find the file just once more” because I didn’t want to go to bed without at least trying.


I walked to the computer, and I kid you not, here’s what appeared on the screen. Surprise!! (This is not word for word.)

“You have a recovered file that was automatically saved. Do you want to view it?”

I mean, seriously? Do you know what I thought? I thought, “God sent me a message!”

I realize many people don’t see this the way I do. They will scoff and say this is how computers behave. But I know how God works in my life. And God does this so often that I can easily identify his voice in my life.

Remember, I had checked my computer often, and that message wasn’t there. Yes, I know the file was probably saved somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. It might as well have been lost.


smiling woman in yellow t shirt holding hands apart/God realized surprise me last week.

The next morning, I sat on my deck with my coffee and reflected on God’s presence in my life. Once again, I was amazed that God communicates with us as we need to be communicated with. He communicates with us as we can best receive it.

  • He spoke to Elijah in a whisper.
  • He spoke to Moses through a burning bush.
  • He blinded the Apostle Paul. He knows how we need to experience him.

Yes, God is the same and delivers the same doctrinal message to all of us. But like a father, he speaks uniquely to each of his children because that’s how he created them.

Think about that.

Anyway, I recovered the file and got right back on track. I’m just a few corrections away from having the big edit done. Now, I have to reread and polish it. I’m so excited I’m almost done.

I guess what I’m trying to say is:


Trust God for everything. Trust God in the surprises. When you have a decision to make, trust him. When things go south, trust him more.

And remember, God communicates with you how you need it.