surprise by God

Are you really ready for God to surprise you?

I love those days when God intervenes in unexpected ways, when He surprises us. It may sometimes be a nudge of discipline but even then it’s a good thing.

I had one of those good surprise visits last week.

surprise by God



A long-time and best friend and I were working on creating a gallery wall. I have determined that I am finishing decorating this house before we decide to downsize. Not that that is in the immediate future but certainly within a couple of years. It’s a big old farmhouse with a lot of rooms. Many which we don’t use. There’s even a third floor. It was decorated for a while but it’s pretty empty now.

And it’s not that I haven’t done a lot of decorating and re-decorating over the years. But I’ve never really completed and had the entire house decorated at the same time. You know what I mean? You repaint a room and forget to decorate it completely. Or, in my case, you leave some walls completely blank just because you don’t know what to do with them.

I have this open space on one of my living room walls and it drives me crazy because I have no clue what to do with it.  You’d think I’d be doing a gallery wall there, wouldn’t you? But it just wouldn’t work. It would look so busy.

But this is not a post about my gallery wall. I’ll post pictures when I’m done.

So my friend and I played around with the various elements I wanted to incorporate and when we were done we stopped and had tea.

Our conversation was going along as usual. But then it took a turn and became more serious. I won’t share the details but let’s just say God “showed” up. And our friendship and our love for each other was verbalized and reinforced. So how was God involved, you ask?

She said something, I said something and pretty soon we were sharing from the heart some things I think both of us needed to say but hadn’t. It wasn’t overly emotional or anything like that. It was a God-opened-space-in-time-moment when we were both sensitive to His leading.

We’ve been best friends for many years but sometimes, even with best friends, things can “drift” a little due to lack of attention. My mother and her health tied us together these past few years which made visits and conversations more necessary. We were both very close to her. When she died we both felt “lost” and perhaps lost our footing. We had to find it again.

We did.

Anyway, I love days like that. Days when God steps in and redirects us and our hearts are blessed.

Look for God today in a casual conversation, when you’re cooking dinner, when you’re running your errands, when you are at work. I think God speaks to us all the time but we just don’t always recognize it.

“My sheep hear my voice” means they recognize the voice of their master. It’s meant to be that way for us, too.

God bless and have a good day.