I’m embarrased to admit…..


I’m embarrassed to admit….

Remember my post titled “words”? How we should choose our words carefully?  Remember that?  Well, let me just say I don’t always take my own advice.  I didn’t actually utter any unkind words but that’s only because I would have been escorted off a plane if I had.

Let me tell you what happened.  Did you also read the thrift shopping post? If you did than you know how I found this one-of-a-kind vase at a thrift store in Florida and I so wanted it but we flew down and only had one carry-on luggage apiece.  My husband bought it anyway and decided to stuff it in his suitcase.  Seeing as it was carry-on luggage, we figured we could get it home.

Here’s what happened.  We hand the boarding passes to the agent.  He waves me through and I head down the tarmac but my husband is not behind me.  I wait a few minutes and he’s still not there.  I go back to the entrance and my hubby is having a “discussion” with the agent over  his insistence that my husband check his luggage-the luggage holding my precious five dollar lime green vase.

My hubby was carrying my computer case so he had three items and apparently he was supposed to only have two-or four between us. I offered to take my computer case but then I would have three items. (Whose on first?) The agent was counting my relatively small purse as one item! We have traveled extensively and this is the first time my purse has counted as luggage. (Now I want you to know that our carry-ons were easily half the size of what most people carry on. We pack very lightly.) Our computer bags  are also small.  So I tell the ticket agent that I can easily put my purse inside my carry-on as I have plenty of room.  He was extremely rude and said it was too late he’d already tagged my husband’s luggage.  I am so ready to call him a jerk when I realize that:

(1) I might never get on the plane, 

(2) The flight has already been delayed two hours,

(3) It’s ten o’clock at night,

(4) We have a two-hour flight plus an hour-long ride home from the airport still facing us and

(5) We started this trip home eleven hours earlier and we’re tired. (It took us only two hours on the flight down.)

When we arrive home,  I take pictures of how much luggage some people were carrying and that  made me even madder. We still don’t get why we were singled out and there’s a letter going to the airline for sure. (This airline has just been bought out by another airline and I wonder if that had anything to do with it.)  During that whole two hours, I was fuming and worried about my vase.

Aren’t you wondering how this story turns out? Well, let’s just say my vase has a prized spot on my fireplace, all in one piece. Yea!

I share this post with you because frankly, I’m a little embarrassed and I need to “fess.  Who gets that upset about something so trivial? 

Apparently, I do.

Am I forgiven?