meltdown Mondays


Got a great, (I think) idea.  Mondays are now going to be known as Melt-Down Mondays.

I had such good luck with last Monday’s post, it got me to thinking.  Could I find something to meltdown about every Monday for the rest of the year? That would be how many “meltdowns”? If I started in a couple of weeks, it would number about thirty-two.

Than I had to decide if it made sense to focus on the negative  if even for just one day a week. That’s like starting Mondays with a half-full glass. But then I thought the posts will probably be more like things that mildly irritate me but that doesn’t rhyme with Monday. So “Meltdown Mondays” it is. I’m starting my list now.

Oh, dear that brings up another thought.  What if I find out I am really mad about thirty-two plus things? What will that say about me?  This little experiment should prove interesting, don’t you think? On the upside, maybe I won’t get upset about anything the rest of the week.

If nothing else,  maybe it will give all of you a way to blow off some steam so we can all get over it and get on with our lives..

(Darn. I blew a perfectly good post last Thursday.)