melt-down Monday

MELTDOWN (Photo credit: The Sun and Doves)

OK, here we go with Meltdown Mondays. I’m picking on drivers today and I’ll bet most of you will agree with me.

It makes me mad when::

drivers don’t take their turn in a construction zone when the traffic is being channeled down to a couple of lanes. I love it when truckers block the lanes so drivers can’t do that. Why do they think they don’t have to obey the rules like everyone else? What makes them so special?

drivers talk on their cell phones, especially when pulling out of a parking lot or in congested areas.

drivers reading

 while driving. Yes, I’ve actually seen that and more than once. I often wonder how they would feel if a distracted person caused an accident in which someone they love gets hurt. I’ll bet they would be first to call “foul”.