more Christmas pictures

another section of shelfThese pictures are from areas in my living room.  Hopefully I’ve labeled them all.picture one secretary

This picture is fuzzy. Don’t know why.  Anyway, the snowman who’s skating ws made for me by a dear friend. You’ll see other things she’s made me as well.

The white birds are gourds I bought at a garage sale and when we remodeled, I painted them white.  They’re two of my favorite decorative objects.

skating snowman

This is a closer look at the paper maiche snowman. (Above) That’s me in the background taking the picture

paper maiche santas

I made these out of paper maiche over various types of bottles.  I’ve got some new ones under way.

atop of desk

More paper maiche figurines all hand-made by me. This is one end of the desk, the next picture is the other end.  The picture in the background is one of first and only oil’s I’ve ever painted.  I was taking out my little guys and thinking I wished I had some sort of backdrop when I remembered this painted that has been stored for years.  It was perfect.  The bright green tree is made by layering and crushing strips of aluminum foil, covering with paper maiche (I really like paper maiche, don’t I?) and then painting. 

top of desk close up

This is the other end of the scene. Next picture is a before and after of the tree I mentioned earlier.

aluminum tree

This next picture is a close up of one area of scene on top of desk.

another view of little snowman

Every year I looked forward to taking out my little guys and letting them hang around for awhile.

Next pictures will focus on the fireplace mantle.  You will see I love creating Christmas scenes.

firpelace mantle with text

Hmmm, nothing home made here. The squares in the background are mirrors.  By placing them in the back it reflects and “grows” the number ofobjects. I have plans to use some watercolor paper next year and cut them into trees and placing them at the back. That OR cutting them into house shapes. Should be really cool.  Think I saw something like this on Pinterest.


I bought these placemats at a consignment shop.  When I saw these big stars at The Dollar Tree, I didn’t know what I was going to do with them. When I got home I sat them on the table and bingo-this is how I used them.  Next year I will probably hot glue them on the mats. 

The trees are my Anthropolgie knock off. I used my jars with lids up and lids down. They are on a red cake platter. This next picture is a close up of one of the jars.

forest in a jar

Finally, the trees on my antique cupboard. (Painted with chalk paint by the way.)

papertrees with border

These are my handmade “book” trees.  The snowman are felted wool. I wish I could find more.  The stars are wonderful glitter paper from Jo Ann’s. I glue them to a toothpick and then push it into the tree. Works like a charm.


Remember that friend I told you about. This is another paper maiche snowman she made me. He’s about two feet tall and adorable.

breezeway b

A grouping under one of my trees.

another section of shelf

First part of shelf above doorways in my kitchen.  Christmas tree lights as well.

Next and final picture is other end of the shelf. The twig houses were handmade from another dear friend.  Gosh, I have great friends, huh?

final section of shelf

There is a big section between these last two pictures but I can’t it.  Total of seven twig houses.

Hope you enjoyed the rest of my pictures.