sewing chest/DIY

My adorable little sewing chest. Turned out so cute.

I bought this adorable sewing chest about five years ago.

It was orange. I wish I had a before picture.

 sewing chest/DIY

Originally, there were half-circle shapes on each side with lids that raised up to store sewing supplies. One of them fell off and my husband could not re-attach it so I took the other side off. I tried to find a picture somewhere out there in internet land but I couldn’t so I hope you can imagine it.

Anyway……our bedroom was blue and orange but I tired of that after a few years and the bedspread, etc was so reasonable I could easily justify changing it out. I’m going to all neutrals with blue print accents. So obviously this piece wasn’t going to work anymore.

First, I thought I wanted beige but I hated it. You can see that above. I really hadn’t wanted to go black so I decided I would just keep spray painting with various shades till I got it the way I wanted it. These are the paint colors I used.

sewing chest/DIY


I painted the knobs metallic gold. Then I had to distress it, of course. I really like how it turned out.

sewing chest/DIY


sewing chest/DIY


However, after I took the pictures and threw away the emply paint cans, I realized that I had added another color. It was a brown. I had forgotten to paint the area between the drawers so I grabbed the brown. Actually, I thought that little touch really added something. It toned down the black. You can see the brown best in this picture.

sewing chest/DIY

What do you think? I think it looks all grown-up now.

I don’t have anything on top of it yet. Just can’t decide.

I like “winging it” when I redo a piece of furniture. It’s fun and as long as it isn’t valuable or an important piece, I’m not afraid to take a chance.


God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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  1. Hi! I love your end result. For me, painting furniture changes the style and time periods of different rooms. Enjoy your “new” piece! Blessings!

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