My best garage sale find ever. You HAVE to see this!

Boy, sometimes you just hit it big.

I just said to someone the other day how I had not found that “outstanding” garage sale find yet and summer is fading away fast.

My husband and I were on our way home from our daughter’s house and we had to take a detour because of a car accident on the highway. We could have waited until everything cleared but there was an exit right where we were stopped and my husband was well acquainted with the area so he decided to take it. The detour took us through some residential areas and there were garage sales along the way.

It had been slim pickings in my daughter’s neighborhood so I was thrilled to find these sales.

And then serendipity, THERE IT WAS.

I spied it a block away. I was in love. It was a wonderful old antique buffet/chest? I’m really not sure. Could even be a china cabinet and because I’m not really sure exactly what it is, it means I can use it in just about any room.

The next thing would be the price. I approached it cautiously figuring it would be at least a few hundred dollars. I knew I would never pay that. I was surprised it was only one hundred dollars but that was still high for a bargain hunter like me. I offered her seventy-five after much deliberation. She said “yes”, immediately. (Should’ve offered her $50.00. She probably would’ve taken it. Just like Abraham I gave up too soon.)

Now that’s still a lot for me to spend at a garage sale and I probably wouldn’t have except that a few years ago I passed up a similar piece and have regretted it ever since. I’ve been looking for a similar piece all these years. My husband said, “Go for it”.

And now I have this:

antique dresser/inspirational

antique dresser/inspirational

antique dresser/inspirational

Of course, the question is, how am I going to refinish it? I’m almost sure that I will, of course, paint it. It’s just asking for a new dress, don’t you think? One that highlights it’s curves and best features.

The question is, what color? What kind of paint? All one color? Two or three different colors? Leaving some parts unpainted?

I’m in a real quandary. My first instinct is white chalk paint and distressing. Red would be amazing but do I want to go that bold? I don’t’ think black is even a consideration.

What do all you think? What ideas do you have? I’ve got lots of pins on my Painted Furniture board. You can look at them here. Be warned though. There are hundreds of them.

Here’s a few of my ideas:

DIY/painted hutch

DIY/painted hutch

And my favorite:

DIY/painted hutch

Tomorrow I will share some other good garage sale “finds”, but I wanted you to see this one first because I’m so excited about it.


God bless.


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