Christmas, FAITH

My Christmas Hutch is really adorable this year

My Christmas hutch is all about Santa heads this year.

Christmas Hutch

So this year, I went all out with the Santa heads and put them all in the same place. After I did, I was surprised to know how many I had. I have a lot! I love decorating for Christmas. Do you? This year it was a bit overwhelming.

How are you doing with your Christmas decorating, crafty, and buying presents?

I have two days before everyone shows up. We celebrate early because of the distances some have to come. I have never been this far behind. Getting all three of my books out there and publicizing them has taken up a LOT of time.

(Remember, they are free right now on this blog as a PDF download, but as of tomorrow will be free through Smashwords till the end of the month. I’m working with Amazon and trying to accomplish the same thing.

Last night, I woke up in a panic and then remembered the title for my next non-fiction. I can’t tell you now but let’s just say a panic attack is not a good recommendation. But then I got up and made sure I had my devotions and didn’t rush. It’s almost three, and I’ve already accomplished far more than I would have dreamed.

Giving God our firstfruits

It’s amazing how if we give God our time at the beginning of the day, he gives it back to us a hundred-fold. And if, for some reason, he doesn’t, it’s because we’ve attempted too much in the first place. Talking to myself here for sure.

Anyway, tomorrow I hope to have a short story for you. Until then, God bless you, and remember why we celebrate the season. Hope you liked my Christmas hutch and that it inspired you.

Blessings to each of you. Stay calm and carry on!