creativity and letting go

This has been a tiring day. Got up early and headed to my mom’s. Husband cleaned out her shed and we hauled some drywall, insulation and some lumber back to our house. She had fixed “Chili Mac”(kind of like goulash) the day before but it didn’t turn out very good so I “doctored” it for her for her dinner that night.

Came home and “re-did” a small table for upstairs landing. Can’t wait to show it to you. I had no idea what I was going to do to it until I started. That’s almost always the way the creative process works with me. I start working and the plan emerges from somewhere. It’s rare that I know ahead of time how I’m going to proceed. That goes for just about everything I do. I have only the sketchiest idea in my head.

I proceeded from that to painting a bunch of tin cans I’d been saving. I have a wonderful farm type basket/tray (I really don’t know what to call it) and the cans are going to sit in it on my kitchen table. I think I’ll put napkins in one can, maybe some silverware in another. Again, it will all come together as I putz around.

(I only wish I cold trust that life would come together that way as well. But it doesn’t does it?}

In the middle of all that, I continue to get rid of stuff, clothes I don’t wear, don’t fit, or are out-of-dated.. Of course, I shop Goodwill and thrift store so that explains a lot. Also, getting rid of all the material I’ve been saving for the next project which never comes.Then there’s the books, always the books. The half-finished projects. The Christmas dishes. (I could host a very large party with all the Christmas dishes I have.) The various dinnerware I’ve been collecting. Gosh, when I start to list it all, I’m overwhelmed.

Plus, I’m getting real about what I enjoy doing and what I don’t anymore. I’m finally starting to realize I can’t have it all or do it all, so some things and some activities have to go. My mother takes up a lot of my time as well. Not to mention there’s the cabin and bunkhouse that also require work.

I have to say though, I kind of like all this. It feels cathartic. I love Julie Morgenstern’s books about organization. Many organizing experts suggest that in order to make room for the new, you have to get rid of the old. I buy that theory about many parts of life.

Finally quit and hubby and I caught up on “The White Queen” TV series. Love anything from that period.

Tomorrow I’m going shopping. Gotta’ replace all that I’m getting rid of. 🙂

Here’s some pictures of recent projects.

Bought these items at one garage sale. Think I got them all for $1:00

IMG_3765Stacked them up in various ways and finally settled on this design.ThIMG_3772The blue fluted bowl doesn’t show up to clearly because I sunk it in the ground for stability. I’ll take a picture when the flowers have died back and that will give you a better idea of what it looks like. It stands over two feet tall so makes a nice statement.

Here’s another piece that I just love. I bought the pedestal base for $2:00 at a garage sale. Came home and used this metal tray to sit on top. Put a stone on top on it to hold the platter in place.Very “zen”, huh?


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