Please, Mr. Advertiser, don’t insult me!

I almost forgot it was Melt-down Monday as we are celebrating something called Memorial Day here in the States and I’ve been making baked beans, cleaning corn on the cob and making pasta salad for a family gathering today. For those in the States, HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!  Thank to all the veterans and those still serving in the military and their families for all your sacrifices.

Now for Melt-down Monday. Today what makes me mad is the ads and commercials that feature young women (under thirty) advertising face products for wrinkles. Really? I don’t know about you but I didn’t have any, wrinkles that is, when I was under thirty.  At least advertisers should have the decency to use older models who really do deal with wrinkles.

The few times they do use an “older” model, they airbrush them.  I love Diane Keaton and this is not reflection on her but I wonder how she feels when she looks in a mirror? Or does her mirror contain some sort of miracle something that automatically airbrushes her? I’m using her as an example because she’s featured quite often and there’s nary a wrinkle on her face. Yet, in other pictures, the camera isn’t so kind.

Give me Meryl Streep, who doesn’t go in for all that. Or Sally Fields who says she’ll never resort to facelifts and misleading advertisement. Of course the airbrushing isn’t necessarily what the actress wants.  It what the advertisers want to make those of us without a cameraman who knows all the tricks believe we can look airbrushed ourselves if we’ll just buy their products.!

I even saw a tv spot the other day about teen-age girls getting botox. Shut the front door!

I’m all for preventive ads that remind even the youngest of women to use sunscreen and wear wide-brimmed hats. That makes sense to me.

But this business of using such young women to promote certain skin problems is like “preachin’ to the choir”. It’s like discussing the ill effects of eating too much to someone that ‘s naturally thin anyway. 

I’m sure there will a long post about this country’s obsession with looking young, but for today, this little temper tantrum will have to do. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Please, Mr. Advertiser, don’t insult me!”

  1. I’m impressed. No tv? How do you do it? I’m thinking about downsizing my cable plan but just can’t decide. What would I have to write about then, seeing as it’s TV where I get my “mads” from. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

  2. I totally agree with you- it’s ridiculous how younger woman are being forced to worry about aging and scrutinize themselves even more. Makes me glad I don’t have a television!

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