Practical help for Christmas Anxiety

Practical help for your Christmas anxiety is here. I wrote yesterday about a friend of mine who is struggling with severe anxiety. I promised to try and help. So I worked on this Canva project. It was quickly done so I hope it’s OK.

I had Bible study last night, and so I didn’t have much time and had to design it just this morning which is why this post is late.

Christmas anxiety is a very real thing but I honestly believe having a way to track what needs to get purchased, baked, crafted is the only way to go.

Sometimes, we try to be too spiritual when God says we need to be practical as well. Didn’t Jesus say that we don’t just dump religious stuff on someone when they are hungry? We feed them first. To me, that philosophy is meant to help us tackle many of issues we struggle with. It’s a matter of first things first.

Anyway, this was a quick project, and it’s free for you to download. Give me your tips please on how I can improve them. I could work on them this weekend. I’ve included extra pages for you to play with.

Blessings to each of you.

Christmas anxiety and how to manage

Hope THESE help.