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What to do when anxiety won’t go away

What should we do when anxiety won’t go away? (I’m sorry I’m so late today.)

Sometimes, there is no reason for our anxiety. Today was such a day. It was a red-letter day for me.

I just talked to someone at my publisher’s office who was doing the content analysis. This is not the big analysis. The editorial analysis is next. That’s the analysis where I’ll I’ll probably end up in tears.

Anyway, she told me that I had passed Zondervan’s and Nelson’s review, meaning they are giving a go-ahead. I’m assuming that is big. She said it was, so I’ll believe her.


Can I just say I’ve been a wreck all day worrying about this book and this blog, etc. I’ve been working on all these apps at the same time: Tailwind, Canva, Book Funnel, MailerLite, MindMeister. Not to mention getting up to speed with all the rest of my social media accounts.

And then there’s Christmas. Oh, my, did I really just say Christmas? Don’t even.

christmas cookies on the table

The solution when anxiety just won’t go away.

However, I had a really good time with God this morning and I told him how anxious I was but the anxiety was still there.

I think the lesson here is that anxiety just doesn’t go away sometimes but you don’t let it stop you. But wasn’t feeling well either so I listened to God when he spoke about “making me lie down in green pastures” and took a nap!

After working out, I fixed a latte’ and waited for my important phone call. Now, wouldn’t you think that would have calmed me down? It really didn’t, but I’m still movin’ on.

Sometimes, I think we expect our troubles to instantly go away because we are praying fervently and sincerely. There are no great unconfessed sins…

Sometimes the past is the problem with anxiety.

Where anxiety is concerned, if there is childhood trauma in the past, our brains become hardwired to automatically revert to anxiety. This has been scientifically proven.

It is my personal opinion, but based on my readings, I wonder if the Apostle Paul’s “thorn in the side” could have been some sort of emotional “thorn”. He certainly experienced some emotional issues.

When you are anxious, try not to let it stop you. Sometimes, anxiety just has to be lived with. I know it’s hard but I’m no stronger than anyone else.

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