a vivid description of depression from another blogger.

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“Depression is like black smoke that drifts in hugging the floor so you won’t notice, then it is on you, surrounding you and the weight of it drags and pulls you into the depths of the pit.”

I read this today on another post and have the author’s  permission to re-blog the above sentence.  (I know I didn’t have to ask her but I think we should ask before we reblog. After all, we may not all be open to having our posts reblogged willy-nilly. It’s just good manners, don’t you think?)  I think it’s a vivid  description of how illusive depression can be, how it can sneak up on us when we’re not paying attention.  That’s what makes it so hard to control.  The trick is to learn to smell the smoke, and see the smoke before it envelops us.

Anyway, thanks to Harolene for a good post.