some people need to grow up

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Boy, life can sure can deal some blows, can’t it? But so many of them could be avoided if people just accepted the responsibility that is theirs in a situation.

I’m mad today. Mad that some people can’t see what’s right in front of them. Mad that I can’t grab them by the throat and tell them to grow up. I wish someone had done that to me on occasion. Whether it would’ve worked, I don’t know but at least I would’ve been aware that someone saw a problem. The words would have been stored somewhere in my mind not to be totally ignored.

So if you’re mad today because people you care about are sabotaging their own life, know that  you have company. I wish I had some good advice to offer you but I’m fresh out. If you’re a Christian, this is where your “praying” rubber meets the road. It’s where you dig a trench and refuse to be moved, believing that God sees, knows, and can work miracles.

While God sees, knows, and can work miracles, people have to cooperate. We should   be aware they may choose not to cooperate but God will still be working and he will be working in our lives as well. So don’t give up. Get mad enough to give you the energy you need. Not the kind of mad that’s counter productive but the kind that prevents you from giving up. (Remember, anger (like all emotions) isn’t a sin unless it leads to sinful thoughts, words, or actions.)

God bless you today.

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