an alphabet of thanks “K”


I’m thankful today for “kooky” people. I know a few.

Wouldn’t it be an awful world if everyone were sane and normal? It’s the kooky people of the world that bring spice into our lives. Now I have no idea what your definition of “kooky” is. To me it’s just people who have some odd characteristics. Like a woman I met on September twelfth, one day after the bombing of the Twin Towers.

My husband and I were stuck at a hotel in New Mexico and not able to get a flight out.  We met some people that we ended up hanging out with. This woman liked the number ” three” to a fault. She might have been a little obsessive-compulsive but mostly it was harmless.  She was a lot of fun and kept our minds from over thinking too much.

Then there was a woman in one of my bible studies. She had some very strange ideas and was always blurting out during the church service. At first I couldn’t imagine I would like her until she joined my study. I came to  like her a lot, not in spite of her “kookiness”,  but because of it.

Learn to appreciate the “kooky” people. They’re what add flavor to our lives and quite possibly free us up to be a little “kooky” ourselves.

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