What I collect and why it’s weird

I think I just might be a little weird.

For one thing, I like to collect things. If I see at least three of something at a thrift store or a garage sale, I almost always buy them.

“Why”, you ask?

Because three is more creative than two. But there’s one area where it doesn’t matter and I just might be a hoarder.


It’s paper. Please tell me I’m not the only one. I can’t walk by a new scrapbook paper and I don’t ever “scrap”. (Of course, I do use them for other creative projects. Like these adorable scripture cards.

I always buy piles of paper from garage sales. But in my defense, I am an artist and when I get on a “sketching” frenzy, I use up a lot of paper.

But these might be over the top.


The white lunch bags on the bottom are nothing special so I should probably just toss them. But you never know when you might have to pack a lunch in a white paper bag.


But the brown ones on top are even waxed-lined for like fancy cookies and such. And I’m always baking fancy cookies. NOT.

Then the box of bags on top are square. I mean that’s unique enough to hang on to.

But it’s these I just love.


I mean, how cute are these? I have used them to pack sandwiches for friends when they’ve been sick. With a red bow, they are adorable. I’ve used them for hamburgers as well. They are the perfect size.

So anyway, now you know about all my “weirdness”. And that’s not the half of it. Don’t get me started on napkins, (I collect them like they’re going out of style, vintage linens, placements, etc. Believe it or not, I’m a neat housekeeper. Most of this is out of sight.

And that’s the stupid part. Why collect them if no one is going to ever see them.

So I have a question for all of you today. Can you give me some ideas, especially about the square sandwich bags? There must be something decorative I can do with them.

Just don’t tell me to throw them away!

God bless and have a great day.

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