A day at the beach and I forgot about Covid-19

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful here in West Michigan. My husband and I walked to the beach from our house. It’s only about three miles round-trip so very doable.

Earlier we just drove around enjoying the beautiful day and feeling like life was normal. We found “Stonehenge” in someone’s yard:

How cool is that?

Lake Michigan is beautiful. We have very little beach now, however, as the rising water levels have done their damage.

There were some young men fishing on the beach.

But it seemed like the whole town was out walking. It felt so normal, like any beautiful sunny day in West Michigan. We all kept our distance and made silly remarks about keeping our distance. Everyone was in such a good mood.

It was a relief to have a couple of hours without having to thank about washing my hands, disinfecting surfaces, trying to find some essential items on various shopping sites.

When we run out of fresh fruit and milk, I’ll have to go out. I’m forbidding my husband to run those errands as he is somewhat at risk because of numerous bouts pneumonia in the past.

But we have lots to do anyway. We have started painting all the horrible orange trim in our breezeway. It also has seven, count them, seven, doors in that one room. We will be painting those as well.

Then there is the writing. I know you’ve heard me say for about a month now that my first e-book is soon to be published. I ran into some issues and it is presently in the hands of WP to look at it. I think I did it right but they need to look at it tomorrow.

So there’s that to take my time.

I get to work on the books. What excuse could I possibly have now?

Plus, as the weather gets nicer, there will be unending yard work.

There always the house to clean and meals to fix. I would love to say I am going to experiment with some new dishes, but I probably don’t have the necessary ingredients anyway.

And, of course, I can always wash my hands!

We have added our niece, who is an ER nurse, to our list of people to pray for. We have also now added all medical staff. We have taken these prayers a step further and have a designated day for fasting one meal. We will probably extend that to more than one day and will look at other fasting options.

When we fast we are to fast for a reason. Our mindset throughout the day is to be very focused on the reason and people we are fasting for. If you’ve never tried this before, now might be a good time.

Anyway, stay safe and do the right thing for yourself and others.

God Bless,

PS. Here’s a great story to encourage you today. Our local car dealer just called us to check on us and let us know that if our cars need servicing, they will come and get it for us. I mean, how great is that?

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