How stress and creme-filled pastries can make you ill

Yesterday I posted about some great make-up finds. But I had a severe, and I do mean severe, IBS attack. and apparently didn’t let the computer update the post with the pictures of the products. I was on the sofa until late yesterday afternoon.

So I updated it but just in case you didn’t get the update, let me share the pictures of the products before I move on.

The eye shadow is from the Dollar Tree and the mascara is from Dollar General. You can read about them here.

cheap make-up

But back to being ill. Yesterday’s IBS attack was my first really severe one in years. And it was a humdinger, plus it lasted for hours which is highly unusual.

Why now, I wondered. I think a number of factors contributed to it. I didn’t eat much yesterday, almost nothing and then this morning I had that wonderful pastry I told you about yesterday.


Couple that with being extremely frustrated about the health and emotional well-being of someone I care deeply for, the tsunami had been building up.

Yesterday it swept me away.

For all of you out there caring for a senior citizen, I understand what you’re going through. The last few months have been the most frustrating and health draining I’ve experienced. Even planning on vacation was a big deal.

I’ve posted often about “breathing room” and how we all need it. But needing it and getting it are two different things, aren’t they?

So assuming I’m feeling good, tomorrow is going to be my breathing day. I don’t know how. I don’t know what I’ll do. I might just putter in the basement or clean out closests. I might talk a long walk in the cold. I don’t have a clue. But here’s what I’m NOT going to do.

I’m NOT going to obsess about situations that I know I’m doing everything I can do. I’m NOT going to micro-manage anyone or anything.

What I am going to do is just let God love on me. I’m going to spend some quality and quantity time in the morning reading and listening to God soothe me.

This is called INTENTIONAL LIVING. Tomorrow I’m going to be intentionally take care of me.

It’s something we all need to do when life is swamping us in worry. We need to intentionally plan some time where we refuse to listen to the worries that are crashing around us.

Yes, I’m a Christian and yes, I admit to worry. Why do you think there are so many verses in the Bible that address worry? It’s because that’s a common failing for all of us.

But I know where to take my worry. And that’s what I’m going to do.

God bless and I hope YOU have a good day.