jeans watch pocket
jeans watch pocket (Photo credit: Muffet)


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Today I’m thankful for jeans. Here’s why.

They hold me in, they lift me up, and they make me look ten pounds lighter.  If I wear them snug enough I can wear them for three or four days before they start to lose their shape. 

They look great dressed up or dressed down. With heels, with flats, and best with boots up to my knees. They eliminate the need for lots of different pants because unless it’s a formal occasion they work everywhere. Oops, not everywhere.  Europe doesn’t have the same love affair with jeans. I’m always careful to judiciously wear them when I travel abroad. (Same with aerobic shoes.)

However, I have a bone to pick with the proponents of short-zippered jeans that show your “crack” when you bend over. We make fun of plumbers for the very same exposure. Why is it any different for women?  Are our “cracks” any more attractive?  I don’t think so.

 Here’s the thing about jeans. Jeans should fit. If jeans fit correctly there aren’t any unattractive rolls hanging over the waist and they’re not baggy either. All women, regardless of their size, look better in clothes that fit. And as far as the infamous “mom” jeans-what’s the big deal? Maybe some women prefer comfort over fashion. Isn’t that o.k.? Besides, in light of all the problems in this world (hunger, homelessness, war, violence) aren’t there more important issues we should be concerned with than what type of jeans a women wears? Honestly, I’m much more appalled when I see too much flesh exposed, rather than too little. Are we getting to the  point where like infamous performer on American Idol we’re going to end up with “Pants on the ground, pants on the ground. You look like a fool with your pants  the ground.” (Hope you know what I’m talking about.) Well, that’s it for me. I have to go get dressed. Do you have to ask what I’m wearing today?