why can’t I find jeans that fit?


The denim fabric of a jeans
The denim fabric of a jeans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We women face many important issues.  What color shoes to wear with what outfit? What color lipstick? What moisturizer.  Whether we should color our hair or not? Bangs or no? What length skirt? What style bathing suit? (almost the worst). But in the final analysis:

It’s all about the jeans!

Let’s face it, it’s our go-to outfit.  We probably wear jeans more than any other single piece of clothing other than our underwear. But getting them to fit? It is just me? Does anyone else have a hard time finding the perfect fitting jeans?  I HATE trying on jeans.It’s the most frustrating activity ever! I would rather try on shoes. And if you’re thinking what’s the big deal with that, I should tell you I’ve had four foot surgeries so shoe shopping is a nightmare. But nothing, absolutely nothing, compares with jeans shopping. They never fit the way I want them to.





They’re either:



too long,



too short,



too low-waisted,



too high-waisted,

too big waisted,



too tight,



too loose,



too dark,



too light,



and finally, too expensive.



All I can say is thank goodness the weather is getting warmer and I can ditch the jeans for a few months.



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