How to deal with unwelcome changes

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Sometimes it feels as if our prayers go nowhere, doesn’t it? We pray and pray about something. We’re sure we’re right in what we’re asking. We’ve checked our selfishness at the door.  And yet…….

I’d been praying about something for several months. I’d been praying that God would prevent some unwelcome changes from happening. He didn’t.

1. Why God are you letting this happen?

2. Why would you want to hurt me?

3.  Will I be able to handle this?  

Now I didn’t actually come out and verbalize those questions but they were there nonetheless.

But here are the answers.

First of all, much of what happens to us is because other people’s decisions impact others negatively. Christians live in the same world as everyone else; open to the same disasters. So that first question isn’t even a question worth asking.

Question number two is so ridiculous that once I realized what I was secretly saying to myself, it didn’t even deserve a response. I mean as a Christian we would never voice such a question and yet that’s what we mean when we ask, “Why me?”

Question number three. It won’t be easy but anything God allows me to experience, He will give me the strength to handle. I’ve found that true throughout my entire life and especially the last few years. Situations that scared me to death before barely scratch the surface of my fears today.

Could I still be right in how I was praying? Sure. But how things work out doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s how it should be nor what God may have wanted. People, whether believers or not, have free wills. They make choices.

The government is a good example.

Decisions are made all the time that have a direct impact on all of us. When those decisions are made by less than honest people, they can hurt a lot of people.

There are some people I pray fervently for every day. I pray hard they will make better decisions. And yet I see more bad decisions. Am I praying wrong? Probably not. But God can only work with a willing heart.

But in the long run, (I’ll use a phrase that I hate) “It is what it is.” Now it’s up to God to equip me to handle it. It’s no longer my issue. I might as well quit worrying about it. What choice do I have but to learn to accept this change?

My prayers will have to change now to handle the new situation. My focus has to change. Thank goodness it’s not up to me anymore.

I’ll take a vacation (not a prayer vacation this time 🙂 from this issue for a while.

God bless each of you, especially those of you who are dealing with some unwelcome changes. May you find the peace you need.

2 thoughts on “How to deal with unwelcome changes”

  1. Thank you for sharing these excellent thoughts. I believe God wants us to ask Him these honest questions. I find that when I do, he always answers : )

    1. Funny, I hadn’t started my devotional time yet and as it turned out, I had even more questions. I am so glad He’s open-minded. 🙂

      Thanks for your comments.

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