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Hi everyone,.

Thought I would give you an update on my here and here. (This was also posted on “

Had my three-week appointment today. My foot is getting better. There is a fifty-fifty chance I might get to avoid surgery. I still have to wear brace when I’m out and about for three more weeks. At home, I can wear regular shoes with my orthotics.  That will be the way we “test the waters”.  I’m still pretty nervous about how this will all end. So anyway, I was feeling pretty encouraged today until…….

Two friends mention to me, “Rebecca, is your leg swollen?”  Now this is after I’ve come home from the doctor’s, of course. So I come home and say to my husband, “Do you think my leg is swollen”?

“It is swollen”. he says. “Off your feet, now. I’m getting you an ice pack.”

So now I’m trying to figure out what this is all about.  Life certainly can send some curves our way. BUT, I just finished reading a prayer request from my church through our prayer chain. A young man, father of four, one of whom is a newborn, was in a car accident today. He might have to have one of his legs amputated at the hip. His other leg is crushed.

A foot in a cast is nothing is nothing, is it?  Perspective is everything, isn’t it?  God bless and I hope you all have a wonderful week-end.


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