What does the tapestry of your life look like?


I’ve never believed we live in separate compartments, little boxes of separateness.

I  think we continuously weave in and out of the various segments of our life and our tapestry is completed only when God call us home. If our tapestry looks like a bunch of separate stitches, we’ve had it wrong. The stitching in our tapestry should show up as swirls, circles, zigzags, all connected. We could use a puzzle as an example, too.

How puzzle pieces makes up the picture. There are any different example people have used to describe the wholeness of a life.

When we do divide up our life, we will never understand how God uses every part of our life to grow us into spiritually whole beings.

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When I exercise, it’s another stitch in my relationship with God. It tells God I know that my body is a temple. My health is a gift. I need to take good care of it and when I don’t my relationship with him suffers.

If I need see to my mom’s needs early in the day, it’s a spiritual an activity as anything else I do. If I don’t get in my “quiet time” with God, I suffer no qualms about it because I know it’s God-ordained. Those days I’m in quiet communication with him.

When I clean out my basement and donate the items, it’s a spiritual activity and it reminds me how blessed I am.

When I pull weeds, I am reminded that there are weeds in my own life that needed some digging up and throwing away.

It all works together.

Oh, I”m just like you. I screw up.  Like the rich young ruler, I don’t understand that God is requiring something of me for my own well-being. It made no difference to Jesus whether the young man was rich or not. What mattered was that his heart wasn’t ready to abdicate the one thing that was getting in the way.

Like Abraham, he might have got to the point where he was ready to sell everything, and Jesus would’ve stepped in and said, “No, that isn’t necessary now.” just like God stepped in and spared Isaac from sacrificing his son.

Jesus was saying to him, just like he says to us, “I want to be that first love”.

I am convinced that many Christians remain spiritually immature because they don’t understand the ever-present God in every part of their lives. That’s one of the reasons Christian get so caught up in sin. Somehow they don’t see how one part of their life affects all the other parts of their lives.

There is no way that sin in one area of our life doesn’t affect every other area in our life.


Where are you today? Do you divide up your life as if none of the pieces work together to from a picture?

Do you divide up your life as if none of the puzzle pieces work together to from a picture?

What about your tapestry? How’s it being sewn today? A stitch here? A stitch there? But the stitches never meet?

Let God in on every part of your life today so there is a continuous pattern so that every stitch is creating a beautiful tapestry. I don’t know about you, but I want my tapestry to be beautiful to God.

God bless and have a good day.