ornamental old chest on ground
Encouragement, FAITH

What really motivates you? Do you honestly know?

Tomorrow I’m writing a longer post about motivation. I wrote it first and then I got to thinking. Do I know all the ways I’m motivated? It dawned on me that I needed my own clarification. And it came.

My number one motivation

In my first book, “Depression Has A Big Voice. Make Yours Bigger”, I write about a scene that often plays out in my mind.

ornamental old chest on ground

I imagine a box. It is not quite like this one. Or if it were this box, I would have painted it black then painted over the black with white chalk paint. I would sand back the white so the black showed through. The inside would be lined with black and white buffalo check fabric. The trim would be painted gold.

I imagine my homecoming.

I’m meeting Jesus in person for the first time. A box, my box, will be lying at his feet and I will be excited to see the look on his face when he opens it. I already know what will be inside. (Of course, he does, too, but this is my dream, remember?)

But first, you need to know what is in that box. It is all the gifts and talents God gave me at conception. We are all given gifts and talents; we are born with them. I know this because God says so in his word. For me, I picture them contained in a box.

I trust I have been emptying my box over the years. My greatest motivation is imagining the look on Jesus’s face when he opens my box and finds it empty. That’s what motivates me, an empty box and the smile on the face of my savior.

Discouragement and motivation

I get discouraged just like the rest of you. I wonder if my life is making a difference. Am I truly doing all God is asking of me? Am I using all the gifts and abilities he’s given me for the benefit of others?

Sometimes, when I walk into Barnes and Noble, and see all the books, I ask myself, is my book making a difference?

cover of a book/what really motivates you

It’s the only reason I write. I hate to say it that way because it sounds sanctimonious. But it’s true. I’ve never once considered making a profit. That’s up to God. I do my part with promoting but I choose to trust that the books are getting into the hands of the right people. It’s strange thought because I don’t consider myself a person of great faith. I’m a lightweight. But in this one area, I’ve had a quiet confidence from the beginning. Strange, huh?

Every book I’ve written (finishing number three now and will soon be telling you more about book number two, Finding Your More), has been me emptying my box. It is my mission to offer words of encouragement because I know what those words would have done for me when I was at my lowest point.

How about you? What motivates you?

Until I wrote the post for yesterday, I was thinking only in terms of what motivates people in general. When I asked myself the above questions, it took me right to my box. You are welcome to borrow my picture.

Ask yourself today. What motivates you?

God bless and have a good day.