When feeling bad is good


Leaving Teeny Tiny Cabin tomorrow. So sad. I love it here

Anyway, I brought up a lot books to leave here. Came across an older book I bought at Goodwill a few months back. I want to recommend it, especially to the women, although men will find it helpful, too.

It’s When feeling bad is good. by Ellen McGrath. Ph.D. I like her distinction between what she calls a “healthy depression” versus an “unhealthy” one. I also like her viewpoint about when medication should or should not be prescribed to treat depression.

She is consistently rated as one of top psychologists in the country. As mental health has been my focus this past week, I wanted to share this resource with you.

2 thoughts on “When feeling bad is good”

  1. Paul.

    Thanks so much. Depression is pretty horrible but I’m glad you’re doing better.

    Please share my blog with whomever. I like it when people with different views follow me.
    Keeps me on my toes.

    Just tweeted something yesterday that prompted some angry responses 🙁 That’s ok though, because I believe FOS applies to me, too. 🙂

    God bless

  2. book sounds good—i’m just wrapping up another bout with depression—taking welbutron so the impact is mitigated quite a bit–back to a quite minimal dose

    u are doing some really neat things R and it’s great to experience your creativity–peace, warmth, and luv—paul

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