life is a buffet

Why life is like a buffet

Did you ever wake up and have so much on your plate you didn’t know where to begin?

life is a buffet

I had a “plate”  like that yesterday morning.

My mom has been unable to get out of her chair for two days now. And this after her confusion had finally cleared up. I had been anxious and not sleeping well the two nights prior. My husband said I was waiting for the “other shoe to drop”. And it did.

Now a whole new set of circumstances to worry about.

I woke up with a list of things in my mind that I needed to address. Where to begin?

I felt like the worst daughter because I am even thinking about putting my mother in an Assisted Living home. I also felt like the worst Christian because I was just plain fed up.

I apologized to God profusely for not trusting him more.

You get the picture.

Then I read this in a devotional I found in the “free” bin at our local library. The author was having the same morning I was and didn’t know where to begin. So he told himself:

“One thing at a time”

Not one day at a time, one “thing” at a time. He took each item in turn and prayed about that single thing before moving on to the next “thing”.

I don’t know about you but sometimes, I lump all my “things” together in one big messy bowl and pray about all of it at once. I decided to try this man’s approach instead.

So I opened my Bible and began my study and prayer time. God would guide me “one step at a time” for each “thing at a time” that came my way.

I can trust him for that.

I can depend on him for that.

What I can’t expect is that I will receive grace before I need it.

God meets us where we “are” but he prepares the way for where we “will” be.

We just don’t see that. God is always working behind the scenes. All we really have to do is just show up.

Or you could always try this:


God bless and I hope you have a good day.