Why would GOD speak to US?

It occurs to me tonight that some of you may be having a hard time believing that God does have ongoing conversations with His children. I mean I can understand that. I really can.

It probably is hard to believe that The God who created the earth would even care to have a conversation with a beings as fallible as us. How could such a One even reach down to such lowly beings? 

That answer is evident in the birth of His son. Was anyone born of more humble beginnings? Jesus walked and talked with the lowliest of people. He encouraged children to come to Him.Communication didn’t stop when Jesus no longer walked the earth.  After Jesus ascended to Heaven, we were left with the Holy Spirit to be the vessel of communication.

Psalm 94:9 “He that planted the ear, should He not then hear? He that planted the eye, should He then not see?”

There are those who have no problem believing God speaks but not to them. We must remember that God is always speaking. We may not just be attuned to His voice. We may be new in our faith journey and are only now learning to recognize His voice.

It could be that we are not ready to obey anyway. So why would God bother? Do we even want to hear His voice?

Hearing God 2

I mean hearing means something may be required of us. We think if we listen for God’s voice, He’ll tell us to give up something or change our lives in some significant way. (He might, by the way.)

I like what Dallas Willard says in Hearing God.

Perhaps we do not expect to hear from God because we know we fully intend to run our lives on our own. The voice of God would therefore be an unwelcome intrusion into our plans.

We can find all kinds of reasons as to why God cannot, does not , or would not speak to His people. I guess for me I believe God speaks in my life because He does, He has and He will. But I cannot convince anyone else. I can only encourage you to read God’s word, study what He says about prayer, and then give it a try.

I’ve read something in a number of places so I can’t give credit to the original source but it goes something like this.

If you believe God has told you to do something, ask Him to confirm it to you three times, through His word, through circumstances, and through other people who may not know anything about the situation.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.