A cute table makeover with paint and aluminum flashing

This is how the table started out. It was cute but I was tired of all the colors. I did this a few years ago and just decided it needs to be redone, again!

I mean isn’t that the point of buying inexpensive things, redoing them? Little tables are getting very hard to find. I saw one just like this in an antique store during the summer and there was a price tag of $200! Are you kidding me?

I paid $5.00.

That $200.00 price tag cured me of even thinking of getting rid of it.

The legs are metallic silver. The blue/green is the seafoam color, but it’s no longer available.

This picture shows the metal trim. I tacked it on with tiny nails. I cut the metal flashing with scissors.


I spray painted some the same silver color

The final result below. The flowers you see are a stick-on I found at a local big box store.


This landing has been changed so often, I probably have whiplash. But it’s such a small space, I find it easy to change it up. I’m getting ready to change it again this spring.

I think it’s fun to move accessories and smaller items around. Probably that’s because I really only have one room that I can move around bigger pieces of furniture. And that’s the living room. And even there I’m limited.

I find tho’ that changing things up a little bit keeps me on my toes. Plus, it stimulates creativity in other areas as well.

Even mentally.

It’s like it signals something in my brain that reminds me that life is all about change and I’d better get used to it.

So if you want to keep your mind flexible and open to possibilities, change some things around and see if it opens up new ideas.

God bless and have a good day.